Ladies in Suits

Together, our eyes crinkled with laughters, our back hunched with sadness, our hearts intertwined with one another. I thought to myself, why do I feel like I've meet them before?

This is May and Phoebe. 
With each meet up and each sip of coffee, my mind is opened up with the words that flows through the  intricacy of their minds.

                             May  x  Phoebe

Different in so many ways, but we connected through a small dimmed voice that cries out to be heard.

We don't just want to be seen, we want to be heard.
We don't just want to be known, we want not to be alone.
We don't want attention, but we want to inspire.

Hear their voices
MAY CHO, THE MAYDEN : htp://bit.ly/TMxEmpower
PHOEBE CHOK: http://naforrer.com.bn/taking-world-may-x-min-x-phoebe-jay-johar/
PHOTOGRAPHER: JAY M. JOHAR Instagram@mujahidjohar




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