Sleep without a worry, wake up with a smile.

My footfall echoed as I trekked along the road covered with debris and dirt, with only the ball of dimmed light from the dark sky shining along my pathway. My eyes were wide open, allowing any streak of light to reach my vision, but the light inside my heart was bright enough
to keep my legs from going forward, one after another. The sound of the waves, soothing my senses, calling me to go further and further. Further into a new life, a new world. 

It's easy to get lost in a world of insecurities, uncertainties and loneliness.
We humans have a way of remembering more of the bad than the good. We just can't help it.
Nevertheless, we need to get rid of this bad nature of ours or else, how will we ever live our lives to its fullest potential?
Imagine the possibilities.
So how can we do that? How can YOU achieve that?

1. Write it down or record it- of all the good memories and lessons that you have gone through in your life; because we tend to forget them. I personally do it by drawing.
2. Know the difference between being alone and being lonely.
Being alone is a state of being, loneliness is a state of mind.
Being alone-let it empower you, let it find who you truly are.

3. Surround yourself in an ambience of positivity that lifts your soul and out with the negativity that plagues your mind.
You know what they are, you just need to take action. One step is all it takes.




Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic


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