Going Along The Line

My contract from the hands of education has finally ended in victory, for the time being.
As of right now, I'm sitting perched with my heart pulsing with excitement and eagerness(with the taste green tea tingling my senses) in a cafe; to finally share a part of my mind with you. It's been a while, so let me give you a hug as an act of gratitude for being here!

There is a long stretch of 'laying in bed' or 'binge-watching' days ahead of me. Albeit, I'll make full use of it- so hey you there, if you share a creative mind, don't hesitate to drop me an email for collaboration opportunities!

        Let's chat! > shiminww@gmail.com

Instagram > @Discofissh



  1. I'm loving the new site design! Also in love with your sense of style and the way you use words!!

    1. Thank you, Angela, truly!
      I decided to go with something simple at the end and I'm glad you're loving it (: