Yesterday, Now & Tomorrow.

Now, my white digital watch that is tinted with colours of use and wear; blinks up at me; whispering, "Hey, it's 2 hours, 30 minutes and 2 seconds till 'Tomorrow'.

Sitting crossed-legged with my already-cold green tea beside me; my ears can't helped but be tingled by the occasional melody that the dark, starry sky is singing. The sky; spewing out colours, regrets and happiness that the now coming 'Yesterday' had brought to them.

Chapter 365/365 most of them say; or had typed out.

Some are quietly but happily wandering around their home with their family; sending soft kisses of love and gratifications.
Some are entwined with different souls; sharing words, drinks and food.
Some are alone, eyes blinking with yearns and hope.
Some are indefinable.

Tomorrow is the same as yesterday. 
But for most, it is a new chapter, a new change, a new beginning or an end.

I share with you of what I've learnt from the Yesterday that is coming; do not worry about the past or the future, live for the present; the now; or else you'll be missing every Yesterday.

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