Office wear meets Lounge Wear

This lovely light-grey coloured clutch bag (with an added teardrop-shaped quartz crystal at the zip) was the sent over to my doorstep by lovely Farah from @Heartbead(Instagram)!

Instagram @Heartbead

Oh! I do love how the colour of this clutch bag blended so well with the colour of my outfit.

For this look, I paired up an oversized blue-shirt with a slouchy draw-stringed shorts.
I wanted to balance, office wear with lounge wear because who doesn't love a comfortable outfit where you can
dance, jump and move with all your heart's desire?

When I received this clutch bag, I was surprise at the softness of the leather that felt like butter on my fingers. Withal, I loved how Farah from @Heartbead added her own touch with the quartz crystal as you can see on the zip.

Thank you again, Farah!

So guys, I would love it if you head over to her Instagram shop; sprinkled with pieces that can quench your thirst for beautiful, dazzling hardwork-made accesories! You won't regret it!

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