I guess I have a reason for ditching blogging for quite some time; I've explained it to a couple of lovely people who read my blog as to why; there was time where I didn't really understand myself, who I was and who I should be. My path was diverging, rather in an interesting way. Currently, I am still on that journey, it's a bumpy road, but I should make the best of it. (Thank you to whoever sticked with me!)

For this look, I went out of my comfort zone and don an almost-all denim outfit.

Lately, I've been quite inspired. So for this look
and the next one(yay!), instead of just showing you the 'outfit' I wanted to add an element of art or photography. But hey! I'm still working on it.

MINIMAL, that's what I love the most. 

So what have I been up to?! Well, I've been given a lot of lovely opportunity that somehow opened my eyes; one of them happened to be a lovely opportunity to be chosen as a model for a project's photoshoot. (Sadly, It didn't went well, but I gained some useful experience!) 

The most amazing part is that I was invited to a Social High Tea for Brunei's Fashion and Beauty Blogger by Ainul (Instagram @Ainulapir)( http://wanderwithainul.blogspot.co.uk)! Without Ainul, I would have never known that such amazing and inspirational individuals exist here in this small little country. So if you're reading this, thank you so much! <3
Social High Tea for Brunei's Fashion and Beauty Bloggers

Group photo with them lovelies <3 (Tagged on instagram)

That is it for now!
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